Southwest Travels {Utah - Arizona - Nevada}

This was one of the coolest trips Chad and I have ever been on, and we already wanna go back! We hiked around Bryce and Zion in Utah, went to Sedona and a few other parts of Arizona, and spent some time in Vegas in a crazy gorgeous house. There are still so many other places we want to visit in the beautiful southwest! :)


Our first hike was at Bryce Canyon and it was a great starter hike through some awesome hoodoos and slot canyons!

On our second day we drove to Zion National Park and decided to take on an 8 mile hike called Observation Point. I'm not gonna lie... we literally thought we were going to die on this hike. It is 4 miles straight up and for the last mile of the climb the trail narrows to about 3 feet wide. No guard rails, no chains. Just a teeny gravel path with a 2,400 foot drop on the one side. We clung to the cliff side and shuffled for over a mile. We were actually praying out loud at some points, haha! We kept saying "why are we allowed to be up here?!" and "why didn't we have to sign anything" and "no one even knows we are up here!" When we finally made it to the top it was beautiful but our nerves were shot and we were dreading the 4 miles straight back down. After we took in the view and worked up the courage to start the climb back down, we got a severe thunderstorm alert on our phones and started to see the dark clouds rolling in. We hurried to try to beat the rain but we got hit with a crazy thunderstorm for almost the entire way down. We slipped and slid our way down, and we were never so happy to be on level ground again! It was a cool and crazy experience, but oh ma' goodness, I would never do that climb again! There are some trail photos right at the beginning but then neither of us could even think about touching our cameras again until we were at the top!

Our home base for the our whole 10 day trip was the gorgeous home of Bob and Ann, some of Chad's relatives in Vegas, who generously let us come and go as we pleased. Ann has an incredible eclectic style and an eye for decorating. They were away on their own adventure for most of our stay so we had the place to ourselves a lot of the time. (Although when they were home, they were the most incredible hosts!) Their home overlooks a beautiful golf course.. oh and Celine Dion and one of the Jackson Five are some of their neighbors! What?!

We couldn't possibly be so close to the Grand Canyon and not go take a look, so we planned a day trip there. Let me tell ya... it is grand. We slept in and took our basket lunch (that Ann hand packed for us along with a bottle of wine and a blanket to "make it more romantic." How cute is she!?) and we didn't end up getting to the canyon until later in the day. We arrived right at dusk and the sunset made for some beautiful lighting over the canyon.

We ended up going into Vegas a night or two for dinner and an incredible Cirque Du Soleil show. It was a nice excuse to get a little dressed up ;)

Sedona Arizona was our next stop, and by far our favorite stop of the trip. The red rocks, beautiful views, and laid back vibe made us never want to leave! We hiked Cathedral Rock our first day here. It was a great work out but didn't make us feel like we were going to fall to our death. ;) Plus the view at the top is breathtaking. We would definitely say this was our favorite hike of the trip :)

Another awesome hike we did in Sedona started with a strange muddy dirt path filled with little cactus and big succulents, and it ended at the infamous Devil's Bridge.

One of the last stops on our trip was the Hoover Dam, which was surprisingly a pretty cool site to see. (I say surprisingly because I had no interest in going and Chad really wanted to go... hehe)

On our drive back home we pulled the car over for a little "photo shoot" with just us, a tripod, and the sunset :)

best. trip. ever.

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